01 April 2014

This is a quick post to announce the first version of hpc-coveralls, a small project I’ve been working on during the past few weeks, which provides functionality to send hpc code coverage report for Haskell projects to coveralls.io.

In order to use hpc-coveralls with Travis CI, you just have to add the following commands to your .travis.yml file:

1. Install of hpc-coveralls in the before_install section:
  - cabal install hpc-coveralls
2. Configure cabal for code coverage in the script section:
  - cabal configure --enable-tests --enable-library-coverage
  - cabal build
  - run-cabal-test [optional-cabal-test-arguments]

Note that you have to use the run-cabal-test command instead of the usual cabal test command, as hpc 0.6 makes the build fail (bug which should be fixed in hpc 0.7, not yet available on Travis CI).

3. Finally, call hpc-coveralls in the after_script section:
  - hpc-coveralls [your-test-suite-name]

That’s all!

Please note that there is currently one limitation: due to the fact that Coveralls doesn’t support yet partial line coverage, hpc-coveralls uses the following convention to convert hpc detailed coverage information into coveralls line hit count:

  • 0 : the line is never hit,
  • 1 : the line is partially covered,
  • 2 : the line is fully covered.

All contributions are welcome, so fork me on GitHub!

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